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You might say that Software Selection Services for Nonprofit organizations is our specialty. In this article, we wanted to visit about software advisement services and how they can be used to reduce risk in your software procurement projects. 

The Tipping Point In Software Choice

We have found few organizations (actually none in 20 years) who decide one day that they are going to drop kick their current AMS and obtain a new one. It truly is a progressive realization whereby their mood gradually changes from good to bad over the course of several years. There are obviously many things to consider. And, quite frankly the staff’s job is not centered around just finding a tool. Rather, they have to spend their time doing the task at hand during the process; taking care of their members.
Nonprofits (Associations, Human Services, Arts & Cultural Groups, Museums etc.) face strict rules and a strict budget. It can be difficult to accomplish everything within those confines. The right Software Solution will have your business running smoothly, but getting there can be a harder task than you are prepared to face alone. Choosing the right technology partner will keep you under budget and on the path to meeting your financial goals.

Experience in knowing Cost vs. benefits

The partner you choose should offer extensive insights into why it makes sense to invest in technology today. For Example, one key reason why executives are seeking new systems is because of the value of integrated software programs today.Having an integrated platform (web site and database) is one fundamental requirement for most software solutions. It is no longer something found on the wish list today of associations. An integrated website and member database is paramount! Streamlining processes and adding value, integrated software allows you to do more in less time with fewer resources. Cut back on waste. Get access to the reports that will have the most impact of your business decisions.  It is much easier to meet your membership goals, non-dues revenue, fundraising goals and expand member services when all the information you need is easily accessible from one interface.

We Seek first to Understand Requirements and Processes

We listen before we prescribe. We seek to understand before we are understood. We take the time to dig into requirements but also bring great insights about the process, the vendors, the products, the people, and the art of securing software.

We do not sell software. If you need a software vendor who can sell you software, we will find you one. But, only an impartial software advisement firm can provide you with information on various software products and can provide you with insights on how to best procure a “Smart Fit“.

Contact us for further information on our software selection services and how we may be able to add valuable insight into your next software selection for your organization.

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Welcome to the SmartThoughts site. We realize that you have a choice in where you gain insight into running your nonprofit (association, charity, faith-based, museum etc.) more efficiently. On this site, we hope to do just that.

The company was founded after witnessing first-hand the challenges in making sound business software purchasing and implementation decisions over the last decade in the nonprofit sector. As a result of this experience, we are committed to an agnostic approach and plan to use our combined industry experience and valued strategic partner resources to help educate and align our nonprofit clients with the proper vendor partner based on the information we have curated over the last 20 years in the nonprofit software industry.

Our mission is helping nonprofit software buyers, sellers, & service providers connect in the spirit of collaboration to provide solutions. This mission is due in large part because we believe that the software buying process is dysfunctional at best. Today, we have so much information yet making a good software deicsion is sometimes an elusive process.

We have formed after listening for the past decade to the market’s needs. We believe that there is a better way to assess technology needs and ultimately procure the technology to help automate a business.

Our Software Selection Advisement services are designed to help nonprofits (501c3 and Associations) make sense of the software buying process.

We are striving to change the software procurement process each and every day. We believe that in order to help our buyer clients we must help the software vendors who deliver solutions too. Like software, there is no perfect solution. But, we are trying to make it better!

Please feel free to comment as needed on areas of focus which we are involved in and discuss. This site is for you and will have added content contributed by experts across the field of associations and nonprofits.

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