Should we be fired? A progress report to our Nonprofit board

SmartThoughts is proud to help nonprofits searching for database software.

Our Fictional Letter to the NP Board

Dear Board Members (AKA Customer Advocates):

Today, we are excited because it marks the “6 month” anniversary of the launch of “SmartThoughts”. Yay!

It is my firm belief that every patron we serve is on the “The SmartThoughts Board”. Ultimately, you decide how well we are doing. And, you are our compass.

Therefore, in that spirit, I wanted to advise you “The Board” what we have done with the gifts you have bestowed upon me in the pursuit of delivering our mission. Our mission, of course, which is to shift the paradigm involved in the procurement of software and assist nonprofits in making smart software decisions.

First, in order to commemorate the event, I wanted to sincerely shout out a heartfelt thanks to all the nonprofits and business partners we have worked with over the course of the last 6 months in starting this entity together. It has been exciting and unnerving all at the same time. And, for those who have taken a “chance” on us, “lent me their ear”, provided me with “sage advice” or “raised their voice” in disagreement, I am truly thankful for your collaboration!

The metrics for review

Below you will find our report along with the services we have put in place for you during my first 120 days on the job:

Articles: We have prepared over 60 articles to help educate and provide assistance to associations & nonprofits on their software selection journey.

Technology Partners: We have partnered with many technology providers in order to develop a significant relationship of discovery about their solutions in order to transfer the knowledge to the community. Developed a very strong relationship and became a founding sponsor partner with the leading review site for Association Management Membership systems.

Developed Nonprofit Options List: We have put together a comprehensive listing of over 150 nonprofit and membership management software systems available for free to help in “The Search”.

Product Reports: We have prepared 5 comprehensive nonprofit software reports which are available for free on our site.

Education Based Events: We have held a dozen events designed to provide value on the software selection process and insights into managing them. And, one coming up next week as well!

Social Media: Connected with over #1200 new followers & 250 new linkedin connections, tweeted over #1500 times on topics of industry related items, and shared insights on industry focused collaboration sites.
Free Software Advisement: We realize that not everyone needs a full assessment or paid consulting engagement. In our time, we have assisted over two dozens nonprofit executives who booked time with us either at the beginning of their “Search” or at the tail end to make a smart decision.

Software Assessments and Selection Engagements for Nonprofits: We have been blessed to actually make a little money too! Yes, we do have a family and we do have bills. So, we are pleased to have helped many organizations with our paid assessment services.
Reviewed Solutions: Our goal is to review 2 new solutions every week. And, we have achieved that thus far. This is our goal and main focus so we are on top of the game here.

Built Smart Website: We have gone from zero visitors to thousands in the course of a 6 month time span which come to our site to read and learn. And, it’s still improving each and every day. Look for a rebrand in the future to make it even better!

To be sure, we are not done! And, we have much yet left to do for the community to improve. But, I believe this report is positive. We have great momentum shaping up in the ensuing months ahead for reaching out to future customer advocates and to assist existing customer advocates.

SmartThoughts needs your help!

In order to continue our “good fight” to help nonprofits succeed in software choices, I am personally requesting your help to spread the good word to others. If you believe we are on the right track here, I am asking each of you to retweet this note (or send our link) to any organization or person you know which may find value in the resources on our site and/or our services.

Share Now

Your network is more powerful than you think, so take a moment and consider who you may know which may benefit from our services at this time. Then, please let them know.

I thank you in advance for doing this! Until the next report, please keep SmartThoughts in mind.


Chad Stewart, Founder

Software Selection Adviser

SmartThoughts Contact Information

Chad Stewart is the founder of SmartThoughts.

Software Advice Nonprofits: CRM Software for Nonprofits, Membership, & Donor

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Software Reviews, Comparisons, & Reports 

(Fort Worth, TX,  April 1, 2014) – In an effort to help nonprofits overcome their current challenges with finding the right CRM software for Nonprofits, SmartThoughts LLC., a professional software selection firm has been launched.  With the charter of this new firm, a fresh new approach to nonprofit software selection is now available to help nonprofits make smarter software decisions.

The Mission Is To Provide A Smarter Way of Evaluating Software for Nonprofits

Chad Stewart, Principal, Chief Selection Adviser, of SmartThoughts stated, “ Over the past decade there has been a monumental shift taking place in the way that people buy goods. The way we have procured software has been forever transformed by this fact. We no longer look to vendors to uncover the basics, when executives are ready to talk, they require true counsel in sifting through the marketing noise of options. Our goal in starting this company and website is to be the primary source for nonprofit professionals beginning their search to find the right CRM software for their organization. We have listened to the nonprofit market and are responding to one of the biggest challenges facing nonprofits today; Technology.

Why we are Unique in Evaluating CRM For Nonprofits

We are unique in the online software advice options. We are not paid by the vendors to write about, recommend, or provide software leads. Rather, we provide education and services to help elevate our clients above the marketing noise and assist them in selecting the software tools they need based on their goals, needs, and budget. We are committed to an agnostic approach and plan to use our combined industry experience and valued strategic partner resources to help educate and align our association clients with the proper vendor partner solution based on the information we have curated over the last 20 years in the software industry. It’s our goal that our organization will give nonprofits the insights they need to meet their strategic objectives with technology automation well into the 21st Century”.

Purpose of SmartThoughts Website

The website will continually evolve over time. However, our desire is to educate executives in the areas of software selection processes, CRM Software for Nonprofits, Membership Database Software & complimentary software solutions which work in concert with their respective software solutions. SmartThoughts brings expertise in many software disciplines with specific expertise in Membership Management Software solutions, Customer Relationship Management Software for Nonprofits, Marketing Automation software, and other complimentary software designed to ignite the use by staff and member alike. The website contains a specific blog which is designed to serve as a free resource for selection process tips, nonprofit software reviews, current software in the market, software vendors, solutions providers, and general technology information pertinent to the association and nonprofit industry.

Subscribers to the blog will be able to sign up to receive weekly posts so association software information will be as close as their inbox. In addition, SmartThoughts is accepting applications for guest bloggers for the new site. Association professionals, Software Vendors, and others are invited to share on the site. We encourage all to apply on the site.


About SmartThoughts:

Our mission is to shift the paradigm involved in the evaluation and acquisition process of nonprofit software. Our Software Selection Services are designed to help associations conquer the ever-changing challenge with determining how to find the software they need to engage their members and donors grow their membership, and efficiently manage their human capital investments. Our goal is to work in the spirit of collaboration managing the relationships with buyers and vendor partners in order to find a solution which truly meets the needs of the clients.

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Welcome to resources for Nonprofits Software Advisement!

Welcome to the SmartThoughts site. We realize that you have a choice in where you gain insight into running your nonprofit (association, charity, faith-based, museum etc.) more efficiently. On this site, we hope to do just that.

The company was founded after witnessing first-hand the challenges in making sound business software purchasing and implementation decisions over the last decade in the nonprofit sector. As a result of this experience, we are committed to an agnostic approach and plan to use our combined industry experience and valued strategic partner resources to help educate and align our nonprofit clients with the proper vendor partner based on the information we have curated over the last 20 years in the nonprofit software industry.

Our mission is helping nonprofit software buyers, sellers, & service providers connect in the spirit of collaboration to provide solutions. This mission is due in large part because we believe that the software buying process is dysfunctional at best. Today, we have so much information yet making a good software deicsion is sometimes an elusive process.

We have formed after listening for the past decade to the market’s needs. We believe that there is a better way to assess technology needs and ultimately procure the technology to help automate a business.

Our Software Selection Advisement services are designed to help nonprofits (501c3 and Associations) make sense of the software buying process.

We are striving to change the software procurement process each and every day. We believe that in order to help our buyer clients we must help the software vendors who deliver solutions too. Like software, there is no perfect solution. But, we are trying to make it better!

Please feel free to comment as needed on areas of focus which we are involved in and discuss. This site is for you and will have added content contributed by experts across the field of associations and nonprofits.

Thank you for your time with us! And, please contact us if you need any help.


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