Why You Need Conference Kiosk Software?

Why You May need Conference Kiosk Management Software?


So it feels like you have attended a million conferences—and if you have been in the association industry long, you have likely run half of those conferences. After all, each professional association has at least two events every year, right? In this article, we discuss the value of solution designed to help the flow of traffic at large conferences today.

The Value of Kiosk Conference Software 

After a while, all the hotel ballrooms begin to blur together (and why are those rooms always designed for dances, not meetings?!).But, you still need to have your ducks in a row, don’t you?

When you think back over what stands out in your memory, out of all those conferences, chances are that it’s not the good times. While you might remember the most entertaining speaker you heard—or overheard, if you were in charge of the event—you probably, at this point, can’t recall who was the headliner at the event you ran last month, much less who was the keynote speaker the year before.

So what stands out? We bet that it’s those times when things just didn’t go right. Perhaps it was the event where they ran out of food at the banquet, or the IT conference where the nearby transformer blew and there was no electricity to run all those fabulously crafted IT presentations.

Or maybe it was the lines. Unfortunately, whenever something does not go right, the end result is usually a loooooong line of unhappy people, who don’t seem to know how to take advantage of the opportunity to network while they stand in line, and spend the time griping instead.

You have to have your ducks in a row, don’t you. Literally!

This is why you need walk up kiosk software to handle registration at your large events. As long as there is electricity available(!), you can ensure a quick and efficient registration process, with no long lines, regardless of whether you have 2500 or 25,000 people attending your event. Kiosk EventXpress handles pre-registration, walk-up, and onsite registration, as well as payments and printing of both badges and receipts. With a well-honed computer program handling all the registration details, there will be no confused volunteers slowing things down and creating long lines at registration.

To help avoid creating those long-line memories in the minds of your conference attendees—and yourself!—contact us today to learn more about our kiosk software and other conference solutions available to nonprofits today.

Happy 4th of July, It’s conference planning time with Kiosk BarCode Software

 Explode your next event with Kiosk Software!Alright, the 4th of July is here! It’s time for hot dogs, fireworks, and heading to the nearest Lake. 

For most, the 4th of July officially starts the vacation season. At work, the 4th of July is usually time spent preparing for your upcoming conference or perhaps your program next year. For your staff, Summer is a great time to step back, look at the plans being made for the year ahead, and make sure that the structure is in place to support your ambitious agenda.

If your role has anything to do with the events management for your association, you are likely to benefit from some of the innovative technological assistance now available to organizations of just about any size. What used to be limited to large association or nonprofit entities is now accessible and affordable for even smaller nonprofits.

For example, remember when name badges were handwritten by your event attendees and stuck onto their clothing? For many nonprofits, that was not too long ago. Today, sophisticated cardstock badges are printed for use with reusable (and recyclable) holders in all companies, large and small, while the ability to integrate printed bar codes has transformed data gathering for conference attendees, marketplace vendors and event managers like yourself. With the quick flick of a barcode reader, participants can easily register for additional events, shop in the marketplace, sign in and out of event sessions via a kiosk, validate their registration to receive event materials, and connect and collaborate with vendors.

With no more flipping through rosters and filling out forms, registration will be transformed from long lines to a quick and easy kiosk experience which will leave your event attendees with more time to network and enjoy your conference. You will spend less time managing volunteers and the issues that arise from processes that rely on paperwork.

If you are ready to learn more about how our conference event software and services can streamline your program of events in the coming year, contact us today.

Electrifying the Lead Retrieval Process


It’s happened to all of us. We have attended a large conference and had some great conversations, made some great contacts, come back with our pockets stuffed full of business cards—and then, when we return to the office and business as usual, the energy from those conversations fades, the business cards end up in the back of a drawer, and somehow we don’t manage to follow through on those contacts we made. Unfortunately, when we do this, we are not alone. It is estimated that 70% of leads are not followed through. That is an unacceptably high number, given the cost of exhibiting at a conference, which is why you need to utilize an electronic Lead Retrieval process which is tied to your customer relationship management system.

It’s imperative to consider this for your conference. The reason your exhibitors pay money to participate is new business. And, if exhibitors do not see a return in their marketing spend; they will not return.

When exhibit space itself costs thousands of dollars, and staffing the exhibit costs even more, your return on investment is critical, and lead retrievals are an excellent way to ensure that you beat that 30% lead success rate. The days of using business cards to track leads truly are behind us, with excellent lead capture systems available for both computers and smart phones.

Here are some reasons why you, as an exhibitor or association conference event organizer, need to make good use of such a system.

  • Electronic information is easily captured. A quick scan of your contact’s convention badge bar code and all their information is entered into your computer system. With cloud backup, there’s no chance that data can be lost, unlike business cards which can easily fall out of a folder or off the back of an overcrowded desk.
  • Scanned data is easily enhanced. You can choose from a number of standard qualifiers, such as “hot lead,” “send salesperson,” “send literature,” etc., and you can add your own special comments, such as “expressed particular interest in class Y.”
  • You can focus on the contact, not on the data. Knowing you have the contact information electronically, you can focus on creating that human connection which is critical to successful follow through of any lead.

enSYNC’s Kiosk EventXpress and Badge Manager program provides that essential bar code for the lead retrieval process. In addition, our Badge Manager can be used for “controlled access” for continuing education tracking as well.

Contact us today with your questions and to learn more about how this program, and others, can enhance the conference experience for all attendees.