Online Continuing Education – A Marriage of CE and IT


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Continuing education (CE) completed by association members used to be limited to the association’s annual conference and adhered to some sort of schedule, usually for the convenience of the instructor, not the participant. That meant your association staff had to carve out time to not only handle the site location but also lining up the space to accommodate  the participants.  For many professional associations (doctors, lawyers, engineers) continuing education is not an elective activity, rather it’s a requirement to maintain a professional credential or license. Sounds an awful lot like the traditional school, doesn’t it?

The good news is, the internet has made it possible for people to pursue continuing education online.

And, many associations are offering Online Continuing Education which makes for an efficient and effective use of a variety of information technology tools to enable the busy professional to do his or her CE at their own pace, and at a time that fits into his schedule rather than every year at the annual conference. This flexibility alone makes online CE a very attractive alternative to the way it had to be done “back in the day”.

Online continuing education uses everything the Internet has to offer to make things easier and more manageable for the participant:

  • Email
  • Apps
  • Chat boxes
  • Online meetings
  • Webinars
  • Message boards
  • Online course content, etc.

With all these tools at hand, online CE has brought school from the campus to the desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Now, instead of worrying about how to get to the conference or onsite training facility on time, all your member needs to think about is where they can get access to the internet, which is practically anywhere these days.

By providing continuing education opportunities to your members, associations will not only enhance the overall professionalism and credibility of their service offering, they’ll enhance their member relationships as well by fulfilling a much needed value add which will certainly help with non dues revenue growth.

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Distance Learning Has Much to Offer Your Nonprofit Association

Distance Learning is mission critical!
Distance Learning is mission critical!

Believe it or not, the first Distance Learning course was initially offered in 1728, when Caleb Phillips advertised the first shorthand correspondence lessons via US mail.

The first university-based courses were initiated by the University of London over 150 years ago, in 1858.

So while we don’t tend to think of distance education as having roots this deep, the fact remains that educators have been thinking outside of the classroom box for a long time.

Today we thought we would offer our thoughts on the importance of distance learning for your association in the twenty-first century.

Let’s face it, the economic challenges we have all faced in the last several years has underscored the necessity of distance learning for today’s associations education needs.

Associations have been forced to do more with less in almost every area of operations. As a result, Association Education staff, have been forced to find new ways of doing business but not killing productivity or jeopardizing the standards which they have kept in the past.

The good news is that their are many good solutions for all budgets and size associations. To be sure, implementing the proper technology can help in that effort for most nonprofit associations.

Distance learning provides your members with a way to connect, share ideas and promote their passion for the trade, profession, or cause your association supports.

Whether located in Fort Worth, Texas, or New York City, NY., members of your wider community can continue to be educated by your association through shared classes, online forums and supportive chat rooms and blogs. Technology in the twenty-first century is plentiful and affordable for almost anyone.

Distance learning provides associations with an easy, effective, and measurable way to ensure that those who are members of your association are receiving the latest information on your organization and its progress, and integrating it correctly into their own field of work.

Online exams are an efficient way to measure and confirm the success of the students in your distance learning courses. With our Distance Learning tool and Online Continuing Education Credit Module, members who successfully complete your training program can be officially certified, thus providing another opportunity to spread the word about your association’s benefits.

Online training courses are relatively easy and straightforward to set up and manage, so your nonprofit association can focus on other important aspects of the work such as improving other non-dues revenue opportunities applicable to your mission.

Over 60% of US colleges and universities now offer online-courses, which means that, for younger segments of the population, and their professors, distance learning is a fact of life.

In fact, online enrollment was up by a million students, or 21%, from 2009-2010. Because of this, you will find ready acceptance of the concept among not only younger members who expect this to be apart of your offering but also mature baby boomers who are becoming more and more accepting of this method of strengthening their knowledge in their particular field.

Is Distance Learning offered at your association? If not, can your association remain viable without it?

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