Long lines killing your member service reputation? Kiosk Software may help!

Abstract management software, AKA, Call for Papers Software can help your events run smoother.

If you’ve seen one of those computer screens and keyboards at a grocery store or at the airport saying “Register Here!”, then you’ve seen kiosk software. In this article, we wanted to explore how Kiosk Software may be the light your looking for in reducing time in line at your events.

Kiosk software involves an application for a specific task (in this case, registration), and the security to keep them from using the computer for anything else (checking e-mail, playing Angry Birds, or altering the Control Panel).  Odds are that a computer in a kiosk is just running a browser; nothing more special about it, beyond the security provided by the Kiosk Software.

At this point, you may be thinking “Well, thanks, that’s good to know” or “maybe not”.

But I’m not seeing how this is going to help us and my association at my next conference.  Then at this point, you’re probably thinking “Oh, wait, you’re going to tell us, aren’t you?”

You got it!

Indeed, if you’ve got a large conference in front of you, Kiosk software is the way to go.

So you’ve sent out your Call for Papers long ago, have had every paper peer-reviewed (with your slick new system), and now it is time to get the conference going so everyone can share the fruits of their laborious research.

Imagine, then, an express lane at conference registration, where those who have no issues and just want to check in can walk up, type in their name and get their badge and conference schedule printed out for them.

Yep, you guessed it, that’s kiosk software at work.  What’s more, it doesn’t need to be just for the low-maintenance type of guest.  Rather than tie up some of your staff and volunteers to work walk-up registration, wouldn’t it be handy to have a computer kiosk for that?

The prospective attendee need only walk up, click click click, and they are registered and ready to go, while the kiosk computer is ready to handle the next guest. The printed badges from kiosk computers can be fairly advanced as well.  Leave behind the days of hand-writing names on “Hello! My Name Is” stickers (as well as the repeated jokes depending on whether the name writer is a fan of “The Princess Bride” or Eminem).  With the right kiosk solution, you can include bar codes on the badges, to help with lead retrieval or manage education session tracking.

The best part about kiosk software is that it allows you and your staff and volunteers to focus on other matters, making your conference more efficient, and generally more effective.  If this sounds good to you, and would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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