Top 5 Ways Twitter can be enhanced by Marketing Automation Software

Social Media and Marketing Automation is killer

Social Media is no longer optional. In this article, we wanted to explore ways in which Twitter and Marketing Automation can play a role in your nonprofit or association right now.

Top 5 Ways Social Media can be enhanced by Marketing Automation Software 

If your nonprofit has been around a while, chances are that you’re pretty experienced with email marketing automation. You have got a handle on segmenting your association membership list into different categories and sending targeted emails to donors depending on their engagement levels. But have you thought about using marketing automation in other areas? Social media is ripe for keeping connected with your donors and constituents.

Here are some ideas derived from nonprofit executives for handling your Twitter feeds with the same professional panache.

1. Ramp up for upcoming events

A great way to engage your community is to give them regular reminders for upcoming events. Set up automatic tweets about the event when the registration goes live, just before the early registration deadline, then two months, two weeks, and two days before the event. If there’s an option to attend online, make sure to tweet about that as well.

2. Don’t automate everything

Yes, it’s good to set up a schedule, but if something cool happens at headquarters, don’t hesitate to tweet. Nonprofit organizations rely on keeping that human connection, so send a picture of the summer staff picnic #wishyouwerehere.

3. Use a social platform

Leading Marketing Automation platforms provide a social platform to monitor effectiveness and catch trends. In the same way that email automation software tracks response, open rates, click-throughs and other relevant data, you will want to monitor activity within groups of your Twitter followers, what hashtags are active, etc. This will help in planning your future automated tweets, and also give you the chance to jump into a particularly active conversation with a retweet or comment that keeps your nonprofit in the forefront of your constituents’ minds.

4. Twitter Prospecting Twitter prospecting

Many Marketing Automation tools today have integrated Twitter Prospecting capabilities into their offering. Marketing Automation prospecting capabilities may lead you to that ultra-relevant tweeter member or donor who needs your help or is ready to give a donation– right now. Using targeted search terms, you can search Twitter to quickly find people who are tweeting about topics relevant to your membership group (medical, law, plumbing), conference or offer. Your entire staff can see what’s top of mind with them and respond appropriately. Increase your traffic. Build new relationships. Drive donor and non-dues revenue.

5. Retweet your Posts with Marketing Automation

Blogs can still be relevant, weeks after they are written (and, of course, tweeted at the time!). If there’s something going on in your industry that relates to an old post, retweet that post and make the connection to the news.

It does sometimes seem like Social Media is taking over the world. However, take a deep breath, and recall that Twitter and marketing automation software are simply tools in your arsenal to help engage your members and donors. And, when applied to uses which increase value, can be awesome!

To learn more about various social media automation software tools available today, and/or how they may help improve both visibility and constituent engagement at your nonprofit organization, contact us today.

How to Get Social with Inbound Marketing in Nonprofit Associations

Inbound Marketing is tailored made for nonprofits and associations

Nonprofit and for profit organizations should consider implementing a strategy for Inbound marketing on social media.


By going with social media for your inbound marketing, you will have the option of reaching a lot more people. This is a great way to increase the number of followers you have and reach those you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. So how do you get social with Inbound marketing? Take a look a few quick tips!

Interact with Donors, Members, and Vendors 

One of the most important things you must do when using social media for inbound marketing is to interact with your members, donors, vendors. We live in a digital world where we connect with people more on-line than most face to face interactions. So, being “snooty”, crass, or even being rude will get you nowhere. When your donors, members, & followers talk to you, talk back. When you see them post stuff, comment on it. The power of “Thank You” is far underrated. You must interact with them to make it on social media.

Have a Call-to-Action Post Every So Often

In order to be successful with inbound marketing on social media, you have to give. Which means you will need to do a call-to-action post ever so often. An example of this would be to offer an incentive (Gamification) to those who share your post. Another example would be to hold a drawing for all of those who shared your post. This is a great way to get out there in the social media world because people love free things and incentives.

Keep Your Social Media Pages Updated

This third tip cannot be stressed enough. It is dire that you keep your social media pages updated. This is for your followers and the new followers you may gain. Your followers want to see new content on the page often. They want to know what is going on with your organization. Potential followers will turn away if they see that you don’t care about the content of your social media pages. If you haven’t updated your page in three months, why would they want to follow you? So provide fresh content and valuable information on your social pages often.

Get some help through Software

Whether you are a small nonprofit association or a large one, it’s always useful to find software tools to help automate social media for your organization. Many Marketing Automation platforms have just what you need to help in this area. Today, some of the common features available are scheduled posting of content, keeping track of specific members on social media, tracking dialog between members and donors, custom templates for responses, and storing/reviewing “search terms” relevant to your organization. And, more good news! There is a fit for every budget.

Caution: You can’t do one thing! 

As with most marketing activities, unfortunately, there is no “silver bullet”. And, Inbound marketing is not the only tool which should be used in your tool box. Inbound marketing should be instituted soon (if not already) because it is a great way to reach out and gain new followers. Don’t be afraid to use every valuable option that is available to you.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss Inbound Marketing or other marketing automation options for your association or nonprofit today. Until then, keep SmartThoughts in mind.

Tips for Using Marketing Automation Software Effectively for Nonprofits

Marketing Automation for nonprofits

In this piece, we wanted to underscore some quick tips for using Marketing Automation today in nonprofits.

As mentioned before in recent articles, many nonprofit associations are moving beyond email marketing into more sophisticated marketing automation software platforms from leaders such as Act-On, HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, and the recently released MAX.

Most nonprofits do not have large staffs or budgets, and need to look for innovative ways to effectively reach their goals of spreading awareness, getting members to come to conference, requesting donations, and organizing volunteers. The more efficiently nonprofits and associations are at taking care of these organizational tasks, the more time they will have to devote to the services they are passionate about.

Fortunately for nonprofits and associations today, marketing automation software is available which is designed to make outreach easier to accomplish with fewer resources. It is a means for providing the right content to the right audience at the right time. Below are some of the ways you can use marketing automation software to get the best results from your nonprofit marketing efforts:

Spread the Word Through Social Media

Many supporters, especially the younger ones, like to connect with nonprofits through social media. It is important to keep your Facebook and Twitter pages active and up to date. With marketing automation you can create many posts and tweets when it is convenient, such as before launching a marketing campaign. You can then schedule them to post automatically throughout your campaign. Posts will then appear daily, and at the times when the most people are likely to read them.

Encourage Sharing to Expand Your Reach

The power of social media is the ability to interact with others and share useful information with a potentially vast audience. Supporters can pass your message along to their friends and followers by clicking handy social sharing buttons. Social sharing buttons should be included on blog posts, email newsletters, web pages and other appropriate online resources. Hashtags are also an excellent way to make social sharing easy.

Nurture Relationships with Supporters

Past supporters are a valuable resource for your organization. Marketing automation solutions automatically add their names to a list along with when and how much they donated. Messages can be sent to supporters which are personalized based on their donation history.

You can send notes to last year’s donors thanking them for their continued support, and encouraging them to donate again this year. Email messages can be sent requesting supporters who have not previously donated to make a first-time donation.

Hashtag #hashtags

With many marketing automation software platforms, you are able to explore popular hashtags used by nonprofits to call attention to their programs such as #socialgood, #activism, #volunteer and #fundraising. They may look a bit silly, but hashtags really do work. They are used on Twitter and Facebook, and show that you participate in social conversations and trends. Hashtags make your content more searchable and easier for potential supporters to find. Prospecting features in Marketing Automation software can help in this effort.

Increased Participation through Event Marketing 

Marketing Automation can be used effectively to increase participation at your events. In fact, recently we read an article from the Pardot webinar series featuring Ed Barrett – VP of Membership and Marketing at Global Business Travel Association, a leader in travel management and long-time Pardot customer. In this half-hour webinar,  Barrett explained how marketing automation has helped GBTA increase event registration by 20%. Indeed, Marketing Automation Software has helped GBTA capture, nurture, target, and ultimately convert leads into event attendees


Give Them Compelling Reasons to Donate

Donations are always important for nonprofits, but there are times when additional funds are needed quickly. Concerned supporters are likely to respond to these situations when special requests are sent through social media and promoted on your website. Social sharing can be encouraged by showing examples of how donations benefit real people. Relate stories of individuals and families who have been helped in the past, and those who still are in need.

Without a doubt, Marketing automation software can be an invaluable asset for helping nonprofits to more efficiently promote their organizations. There are many marketing automation software packages available, and it is important to select the right one to satisfy your unique requirements.

At SmartThoughts, our goal is to assist nonprofits in selecting the best software to more efficiently engage their members and donors, increase their outreach, and reach out to new members.

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